Why should sellers stop selling on Amazon?


Why should sellers stop selling on Amazon?3 AnswersAlok Vasani, Seller at Selling on Amazon (2018-present)Answered Jun 4, 2021

I have been selling products on Amazon from Last 3 years , also I have experience in 5 categories, so I will give you satisfied answer. so let’s start

There are two reasons

Type A – seller’s mistakes

There are many reasons behind it, i am going to tell you few most

1. Basically Amazon provide a seller panel which is Managed by the sellers but due to less experience and knowledge about the panel they are doing some major mistakes .
2. They are not calculating products Price properly like return cost, shipping costs, packaging cost etc then they get less amount from Amazon and that result their loss.
3. also in India few Comptitor are doing very bad thing like they orders very big quantity from seller and they return it, might be new sellers are afraid this type of frauds
4. there are returning losses and that is biggest issue on Amazon
5. new sellers are not listing properly and not getting sales and they assume here only Amazon and FBA products are selling but that’s not true
6. also new sellers are not properly reading terms and conditions of Amazon and they are doing wrong thing like branded products listening without Othorization letter, mapping every listening then it cause to their account suspend, also few people are selling products without GST bill.

Type B Amazon useless policies

1. Amazon Commission are very high , Amazon takes 20-30% of product selling price including shipping cost.
2. FBA facility is very bad because of it, sellers bear big losses like products lost, increasing return etc
3. Amazon return police’s are very bad that’s why sellers get most of the losses
4. Amazon creating difference between FBA and FBM products.
5. Day by day Amazon increasing Commission and shipping charges that’s why small sellers not able to compete with big sellers
6.Amazon is not hearing the sellers voice and Amazon has no any against polices for the fraud costumers
7. Amazon seller support is very bad.
8. Amazon mainly supporting FBA products379 viewsView upvotes2Related QuestionsMore Answers BelowSince Amazon is now restricting sellers – is there a better place to sell on instead of Amazon?Why do so many Amazon sellers sell the same product?Why do Amazon sellers go dark after you order their item?How does Amazon treat their sellers?How can I sell more on Amazon when there is so much competition (even Amazon competes with its sellers)?Hemant JainAnswered 3 years agoOriginally Answered: Why sellers should stop selling on Amazon?


look sir we have had it enuf
point 1 ….u are bothered only about commision
point 2….u want to earn through customers true but u want o earn double through your sellers
poinT 3….the amazon courier services are shit as hell most of the times they dont even reach buyer for delivery of product this has happened many times
we have called customers and they have told us we didnt got a single call from delivery http://guy.so that qualifies for courier charges and commision lost for sellContinue Reading11Sponsored by ShopifyDrop shipper business.Start a 14-day free trial now. Quick & easy setup – everything you need to start selling online today.Free Trial

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AnonymousAnswered 2 years ago

Amazon doesn’t care about sellers.

Amazon is allowing sellers to sell for a while until they collect enough data and have enough resources to sell everything.

I suspect that they will eventually stop the 3rd party seller program.

They recently started advertising Amazon products on 3rd party seller listings.

When Amazon eliminates 3rd party sellers, buyers can expect prices to rise significantly, which is exactly what Uber will do when they swap to self-driving cars.

They can end the relationship at any time and for any reason.

You’re just another independent contractor.

Thinking about forming a sellContinue Reading3Related AnswersRelated AnswerJoe Nilsen, Amazon Consultant SellerSuspension.com at Seller Suspension (2021-present)Updated 1 year ago · Author has 164 answers and 3.5M answer viewsHow do you stop buyers scamming sellers on items not received when selling on Amazon?

This is an excellent question to raise, and I believe that it is an issue that we, as Americans, should begin to have serious conversations about. These conversations need to about far more than just scamming sellers. Much more general and fundamental questions have to be discussed in order for our country to decide how we would like it to operate moving forward. Make no mistake, people, The COVID-19 virus swept through our nation with far greater speeds than a multi-vortex tornado. If you are under the impression that everyday life will ever return to “normal,” I take no pleasure in informingContinue Reading12326Related AnswerJoe Reichsfeld, CEO https://ecommerce-optimizer.com- 1 on 1 Coaching 99-2021Answered Sep 23, 2021 · Author has 92 answers and 77.1K answer viewsWhy do so many Amazon sellers sell the same product?

Amazon is oversaturated just as another answer mentioned but he has it all wrong. Amazon is oversaturated with sellers that lack the experience or motivation to learn how to really market products. The bar of entry to be an amazon seller is basically non-existent. As a result, the site is overwhelmed by clueless wannabe sellers. they lack any imagination and basically go down the same path of failure together. Over 95% of all new sellers fail their first year. This points a glaring finger at the current methods taught to new sellers and the absolute lack of common sense among them when they arContinue Reading1Sponsored by Capital One ShoppingPaying full price on Amazon is so 2020 — do this in 2021.The secret to shopping Amazon like a pro.Learn MoreRelated AnswerKalina Vina, studied at HealthAnswered Sep 12, 2021 · Author has 233 answers and 49.4K answer viewsDo Amazon sellers really make money?

There are many different selling models on the biggest selling platform, but the one that is mainly used and probably draws the most significant profit is the Fulfillment by Amazon. Aldo sellers have to pay the additional price for selling as an FBA seller, this model is actually cheaper in the long run because Amazon will do all the tasks related to your orders, and by doing this, you will be able to cut costs.

The higher the profit margin, the more money sellers earn. It’s not easy to obtain high-profit margins within the first year of selling on Amazon, but few sellers make it, even in the fContinue Reading11Related AnswerTom Zhong, Founder at Shenzhen Loughborough Trading Co,. Ltd (2012-present)Answered 1 year ago · Author has 277 answers and 328.6K answer viewsWhy are there no branded items on Alibaba, whereas best sellers on Amazon are branded items? How do you find them?

The sellers are different on Alibaba and on Amazon. They are at different position of the trading chain.

On Alibaba there are lots of factory seller and traders who offer the OEM product. It is no branded. Customer on alibaba will put their own brand on the product once they have deal with the seller on Alibaba.If the factories or traders on Alibaba have their own brands, they are recuiting the distrubtors instead of selling the product to customers only.

What diffferent is it?

For the OEM/ODM b…Continue with Quora+Unlock this answer and browse ad‑free by joining Quora+Start free trialLearn more

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Amazon effectively crowd sourcing inventory and not having to pay for it. Amazon has strict guidelines that penalize and then ban merchants if the customer experience is compromised. There might be some individual customers unhappy but the overall experience for the customer is consistent with Amazon’s vision.

In March 2012, Amazon’s CFO Tom Szkutak disclosed that 39% of items sold were merchant fulfilled. The strategy makes sense as they receive a 100% margin on items sold and shipped by the merchant. They incur a cost for FBA (merchants send their products to AMZN warehouses) items as tContinue Reading41Related AnswerAndy G, Online seller, property investor & advisor, stock investor..Answered Aug 7, 2021How can I sell more on Amazon when there is so much competition (even Amazon competes with its sellers)?

We live in a consumer society and fashions and trends are constantly evolving.

New products arrive and old one fall out fashion or become obsolete.

If you choose timeless products or new products there will always be a market if you offer good quality at an affordable price along with great service ie offer your consumers great value.

Great service never goes out of fashion, Amazon was built on the back of it!22 viewsRelated AnswerMark Thompson, Co-Founder, PayKickstart.com | SaaS Entrepreneur 10+ YearsAnswered 2 years ago · Author has 840 answers and 1.1M answer viewsSince Amazon is now restricting sellers – is there a better place to sell on instead of Amazon?

Amazon is only a viable platform to sell your products because they have a built in audience that numbers in the millions. If you understand the nuances of the Amazon system, you can make a nice chunk of change.

As the question stated, Amazon is restricting sellers. There are multiple reasons for this such as fraud and quality control. The reason doesn’t matter as much as the outcome.

The best place to sell instead of Amazon (or even if you have an Amazon account) is your own website.

Bear with me for a moment. You set the rules and control all of the revenue. There are no restrictions on what yoContinue Reading1Related AnswerAntony Ross, A Seller that hasn’t been paid any money from AmazonAnswered 2 years agoHow does Amazon treat their sellers?

Hi everyone I want to tell you about my bad experience as a seller on Amazon. It’s been over 2 years and I’m owed £1,400 from Amazon UK. I brought a job lots of laptops and sold them brand new boxed on Amazon with positive feedback on every one sold. . I requested Amazon to pay me my money in full once I sold all my items. I was told to close my account and it will take 3 months for me to receive my money. Nearly 2 years later I’m still trying to receive my money from Amazon. I’ve called customer service more than 50 times with no call back I’ve sent emails to head office with no replies. My oContinue ReadingRelated AnswerAlok Kumar, Studied during Management CourseAnswered 3 years ago · Author has 178 answers and 1M answer viewsWhy are sellers restricted from selling so many items on Amazon?

As per Amazon:

“Certain products cannot be listed or sold on Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more. Some products may not be listed as a matter of compliance with legal or regulatory restrictions (for example, illegal drugs) or per Amazon policy (for example, crime scene photos). For detailed information, see Restricted Productsand Listing Restrictions.

For some product categories, sellers may not create product listings without prior approval from Amazon. In addition, sellers may be required to obtain additional approval to list certain products in certain cateContinue ReadingRelated QuestionsSince Amazon is now restricting sellers – is there a better place to sell on instead of Amazon?Why do so many Amazon sellers sell the same product?Why do Amazon sellers go dark after you order their item?How does Amazon treat their sellers?How can I sell more on Amazon when there is so much competition (even Amazon competes with its sellers)?Why does Amazon treat its sellers so badly?How do you stop buyers scamming sellers on items not received when selling on Amazon?Why are sellers restricted from selling so many items on Amazon?Why don’t sellers on Amazon just have their own shop?How much does Amazon charge sellers?Why is selling on Amazon bad?Amazon Marketplace: Why does Amazon allow third-party sellers?Do Amazon sellers really make money?What are the worst items to sell on Amazon?Does Amazon provide an advantage to old sellers over the new sellers?


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