Literally the worst place to work in America


The only pro to working at Amazon is that you can bring your dog to work and only if you are chained to your desk all day as dogs are not allowed in conference rooms and common areas.


In 1863 Lincoln freed the slaves and in 1995 Jeff Bezos found a loop hole. He/Amazon offer you a droll worthy package that is impossible to turn down and after a few weeks of trying to figure out how to circumnavigate the behemoth company a switch is flipped and you feel like a slave everyday. I have worked for some of the most notorious sadist in NYC and none of them hold a candle to the managers that I have encountered during my year at Amazon. I am trying desperately to leave. I was hired for a job that was completely wrong for me and when I went to my manager I was told I wasn’t allowed to transfer to a new division because my manager did not want to give someone else his problem. When I brought him 9 years worth of performance evaluations from my previous company where I was in the top 1% of employees he did not even look at it pushed it back at me and said “I won’t look at those because your previous employers standards are no where near Amazon’s.” If they relocate you they hold a debt over your head equal to the price of a new Honda Civic. I belong to a support group of current and former employees who all have similar stories about being mistreated and emotionally abused.

Advice to Management

Stop pretending like your 94% attrition rate BEFORE the first year doesn’t exist. Almost everyone I met at orientation on my first day no longer works there. You need to fix your management and unrealistic growth expectations. There has to be a handbook of horrible things that you say to your employees because account after account from colleagues across all teams everyone has the same things said to them the same mind games that constantly get played.


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