Is Amazon A Terrible Place To Work?

Recently the New York Times did a brutal expose on Amazon’s workplace practices, which painted the company as an absolutely horrible place to work. Since then the internet has lit up talking about this. Many articles and comments from journalist and employees (both former and current) have been posted, and I went through many of them to try to get both sides of the picture. Regardless of if you hate or love Amazon as a result of this recent debacle, I think there are three key takeaways from this that we should all consider. One, the response and how social sharing is bringing forth some amazing conversations, which make it very clear that employees now have a powerful voice (which didn’t exist before). Second, it is hard to know what is true and what is not. The New York Times did a very thorough expose, and there have been many comments in support of it. However, there are also a lot of comments that are saying Amazon is not that and that the NYT piece focused on the Amazon of old. Therefore, we need to look at this objectively. And third, we should not focus so much on Amazon, but on what you can do at your own organization to avoid being in Amazon’s position. What would happen if the NYT did an expose about working at your company? What your employees and managers say about working there?

Listen in for my full thoughts, and leave your comments, especially if you are an Amazon employee!

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