I_have_been_robbed By Amazon.in Amazon India


“Its very hard to take it when you rely on some one and the same cheats on you. Money loss becomes very irrelevant in such cases” Buying online is the first choice of many of the people in India and there are billions of money transactions happening particularly in festive season. If you are one of them then it’s time to get beware. Amazon.in has given shocks to its customers by misplacing the product and refusing to pay back money. Yes you heard it right, Amazon has started cheating by not resolving the issues that has been caused by them. I am their latest prey. I bought Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam of Rs 9000 with a 10% discount. I never thought that this 10% discount will going to give me nightmares. I ordered 3 products out of which i received 2 products but never got this Logitech product and Amazon made the product status as delivered.  I didn’t received Logitech webcam product and upon inquring to amazon.in support team, their customer support just did the time pass by saying that they will setup an inquiry as if they are setting up a CBI inquiry. The result was no different and customer support refused to provide any support to get the product. Upon asking by me to make a conference call with the person who delivered the product, the Amazon support team was not supportive and refused to talk further. The customer support said that they will not be able to give the product and they will not refund the money. The customer support is making fun of the situation by saying that if i want to talk to them on some thing else then let us know else disconnect the call and they even disconnected the call. Now I am left with a loss of Rs 8,100 , due to amazon.in the platform that I was using since they entered Indian market . When ever i used to order the products from amazon.in I never used to even look back in the order tracking page as i was always in such a impression that amazon.in will take care even if i face issue with their delivery mechanism or with the delivered product. I never thought that they can be such a fraud company. Even though Amazon has lost the product, they are not ready to pay and are not ready to help. Similar to my experience there are many other stories throughout the country such as not returning money replacing product for damaged products that was deliver to client. As of now i have posted my complain in voxya.com : https://lnkd.in/gi9pEZyK I hope this story mine will save others from Amazon.in and similar other companies.


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