I will never sell on Amazon ever again


I am closing my Amazon seller account because Amazon commits theft – I sold a 140.00 FRENCH LeapFrog LeapPad1 for 65.00 +5.99 shipping I had clearly stated in condition details that it was FRENCH but the buyer didn’t read that the actual shipping cost was 15.00 so I lost 10.00 on shipping then then after the customer received it THEN they realized it was FRENCH and opened a case for Refund based on not as expected or as described so our friends at Amazon wanted me to send this idiot 65.00 + 5.99 shipping and pay the return postage I refused do the math I would be out an additional 21.00 the product would come back all ripped into so Amazon is took the money from me anyway lets the customer keep the leapfrog leapPad1 so I’m out 70.99

Amazon took 5.99 from me for a non refundable expense called shipping they stole 70.99 from me thus I just closed all my items with Amazon I will never sell on Amazon ever again.,…

We have initiated a refund in the amount of $70.99 to …for the following item:

1 LeapFrog LeapPad1 Explorer Learning Tablet, green

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