AmazonCemetery.com Worldwide website has been created by a former seller on amazon Worldwide web seller platform who was arbitrarily terminated after more than 9 years of selling their retail, wholesale products in what was promoted by amazon as a “partnership” in internet commerce, proving to be a ruse, by amazon to consume their product line and eliminate their competition, ‘arbitrarily throwing a switch’ and terminating their seller platform without valid cause and with the sole intent to eliminate lawful competition in a free marketplace and control the internet commerce market, in violation of United States antitrust laws.
The creator of Amazoncemetery.com suffered millions of dollars in damages while amazon continued to grow and succeed using in part the product line once owned by the seller.
This Worldwide website was established to create a voice for sellers who encounter ongoing abuse by amazon to give the sellers a forum to publish their Reviews and personal experiences as an entrepreneur and sellers on the amazon platform.
Additionally, it is the objective of the site to publish helpful information for those sellers who are unfairly terminated from the amazon platform. It is NOT the intent of the website to market the amazon trade name, or brand, but rather to exercise their freedom to post Reviews based on personal experiences of the sellers and other users of the amazon platform, who believe that the controls amazon holds over the various markets, must be exposed and challenged in the pursuit of justice!
Any questions concerning AmazonCemetery.com website should be addressed to:

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