Buyers robbed me and Amazon does nothing

Recently I sent out an order of 6 angels figurines. Buyer decides she doesn’t like them. Said two were cracked, That sounded fishy to me. I never got the proof I asked for. Pictures of the cracked angels. Also one she didn’t want because she didn’t like it. All angels were in perfect condition. I tried communicating with her 7 times, no answer. I got fed up and gave her back her money. I knew Amazon would anyway so why bother? In the long run I lost 80 dollars of my own money shipping them and ended up with 28 dollars left from 263 dollars I had gotten from back, plus i told her to keep the angels. So she got half her money back and the angels. I feel like I was robbed by her and by Amazon. I have been a seller 20 years on here. I am thinking of closing my account. Amazon is not the same company it use to be.there is no seller protection.


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