Amazon is the worst

Amazon is the worst

I started the process at the end of June, I was promised I would have an answer by the July 6th. I went through my first interview a few days later and it went great. I had a super good feeling about it. I got an email the next day saying they wanted to move forward!!! #winning.

After waiting and waiting I get an email saying my final round would be July 10th, that is a long way from the 4th but oh well, it’s Amazon.

On July 2nd I get email from the recruiter saying he needs to talk to me ASAP. We talk on the 3rd and he tells me I’m not the position, I did to well in the interview and they want to bump me up to higher position, and I would have 5 interviews on the 10th. Still winning

I was on vacation the 10th but still did the interviews and they went exceptionally well but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I was told I would have the answer Monday July 13th

It has been radio silence since then with be finally getting the call. I was told I didn’t get the position, but I was inclined. When I asked her what that meant, she said they want to hire me just not for that position. Then she says there are jobs opening up in the next 3-4 months I might be considered for…

I feel like this experience has been an absolute joke and a complete waste of time. The process is slow, recruiters don’t get back to you, and to go through all that and be told no with that crappy of an explanation is insulting.

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level 1ChiTownBob·1yOverqualified Candidate blowing away expecations

Amazon treats their employees and candidates like garbage.

They work their salaried employees to death.

They treat their hourly employees as if they were criminals.56ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 2[deleted]·1y

So even workers off the floor are treated poorly? I always wondered if Zappos is as bad.7ReplyShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1au01st·1y

Yeah, I applied back in May for a position that I’m well qualified for. A day later, “no longer under consideration” on the job page. Well it happens an old boss of mine is over that department for the country, and we got along great. So I reached out to him to discuss the position, and asked about other positions if I wasn’t a good fit for that one in particular. He did some looking, and said he didn’t understand why I wouldn’t have at least heard something. A few days later I get set up for a phone interview and my application is now “under review”. Phone interview happens and from my perspective it goes great. Next day “no longer under consideration” again.

I do know that they don’t give any feedback, good or bad, so the “no explanation” thing makes sense, but it really seems like they have someone for a position before they’re posted online for the higher up stuff.16ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 2CandiedColoredClown·1y

Tech companies have a lot of contractors working for them.

Chances are that these postings were made to convert them into permanent roles.8ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1seaboigium·1y

I’ve been desperately searching for a job in this shitstorm and everyone has told me ”HaVE You TriED AmAZON!!?!?”

FUCK NO!11ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1hellodeveloper·1yThe Creator

Can confirm. Amazon sucks hard core.19ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1wgblackmon·1y

They suck because they can. She’s lying. Move on.7ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1[deleted]·1y

Everyone knows Amazon is the worst! They’re ranked the worst employer for a long time, and I’m sure it’ll never change. I have the potential to work in their tech sector, as a sys admin, or tech support I, but I don’t think I’ll go that route. I’d rather work for like an insurance company as Amazon treats people so poorly on purpose, like Henry Ford.7ReplyShareReportSaveFollowlevel 2[deleted]·1y

Strangely enough, insurance companies are somewhat excellent places to be because they often know the benefits to improving the workplace translate into dollars saved elsewhere.2ReplyShareReportSaveFollowlevel 3[deleted]·1y

Yeah a girl at my last job part timed for them. Really was treating her well despite being a part timer. She use to clean out cars for Nation Wide. I guess Nation Wide doesn’t pay for a rental, they give you one of theirs. Also wondered how she got that job (other than the obvious, if you saw her) it’s just seems so niche.1ReplyShareReportSaveFollowlevel 2HaElfParagon·1y

As someone who just recently went through Amazon tech support, please consider the position. They desperately need some talent in that department.1ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 3[deleted]·1y

Don’t they pay you and treat you like shit? I don’t have aws certs but I can easily do it (think?), aws is a breeze if you already know vsphere and sql.1ReplyShareReportSaveFollowlevel 4HaElfParagon·1y

Oh no, I wasn’t working for Amazon, I had to go through their tech support2ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 5[deleted]·1y

Oh LOL. I guess they don’t hire competent people from the tech sector?1ReplyShareReportSaveFollowlevel 6HaElfParagon·1y

Nah. It took 3 different people looking at the same order to finally realize the problem, when it was literally on the page in big bold letters.1ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1MrZJones·1yBUT HE SOLD THE CAR!

“If they want to hire me, but not for that position, then they should send me some job offers. I’m not waiting around four months just to start the whole interview process all over again.”5ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1Windexjuice·1y

Yeah I’ve gotten to two “final” interviews there but rejections both times. What a grueling process, I feel you. Definitely the most stressful process I’ve had out of any other companies.3ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1jonahvsthewhale·1y

Yeah that sucks, I’m sorry. I’ve also been in that position where I’ve been told I will have an offer forthcoming only to get ghosted3ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1pasindarkfive·1y

I thought Amazon is only shitty to their warehouse staff. Nope I was very wrong.1ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 2Traksimuss·1y

They are for equality, treating everybody equally poorly.2ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 3innit2c·1y

It makes you wonder what position you need to be in with Amazon to have the freedom to treat other people like shit……or is it just “if you’re lower than me on the totem pole, I’m allowed to treat you like shit cos Bezos says so”1ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 4Traksimuss·1y

It is usually middle and upper management. There were stories from Apple with management setting up meetings at 3.00 and you better be there and be happy and smiley.1ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1PuppiesDntPout·1y

How did you get Amazon recruiters to even reach out to you? I can’t even figure that part out!1ReplyGive AwardShareReportSaveFollowlevel 2Comment deleted by user·1ylevel 1[deleted]·1y

Sorry, what is the problem ? This is normal.1ReplyShareReportSaveFollowlevel 1Itsss_JDDDDDDDD·15d

I am very late to the thread, but here’s my experience:

  • Stage 1: CV application
  • Stage 2: Recruiter interview
  • Stage 3: Line Manager Interview
  • Stage 4: 3 page written exercise + alpha-numeric reasoning
  • Stage 5: Panel interviews – 5 on the same day

I didn’t get the offer despite repeated good feedback with very flimsy builds.,he whole process has left a very sour taste in my mouth to be honest with you.

Feel completely messed around and total waste of my time, would not recommend.


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