Amazon is the worst

Amazon is the worst! We are like slaves. They work everyone to death and advancement is only available through favoritism. There are engineers with PhDs will not be promoted. People lie on the feedback that goes on employee’s file.

The workforce at our local FC is 85% minorities and yet management is only around 15% minorities at this facility. Managers give favorable work assignments to those who they like and and relate to more. The managers are caucasian, so the people promoted also tend to be caucasian

The FC managers and HR do not like employees to report injuries to doctors. They make every effort to discourage them from reporting them outside the company and they will attempt to talk them into saying it was their fault. They will say that they violated a safety rule and that is why they got hurt. But with the productivity rate quotas, no one can adhere to the safety precautions or else they would be written up for low rate and eventually terminated.

They are very sneaky and have many policies set up to justify failure. Many of us believe that they terminate employees before their stocks start becoming vested after 2 YEARS! Never have I ever seen a company make employees wait 2 years before starting to really vest. And I have never seen a company not discount stock for employees. They also do not match 401k unless you contribute past a certain minimum percentage of salary. I have never seen this before at any tech company. It is usually matched everything up to a maximum.


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