Amazon Is S**T

So here’s rant.
I joined amazon 2 years ago. Well this company is pure s**t. Doesn’t give a 2 flying f** about its employees. I would describe my 2 years experience as follows: Running with a Firehose 🔥 from one place to another.
These deadlines never fucking end, managers are just there to push their directs in the fire and chill.
Things I have noticed, so far with this shit culture:

1. Manager will always be fake sympathetic about your workload but will never take steps to reduce it. I am a fucking SDE1, they made me do planning, estimation, coding, mentoring and what not. All my manager does is tells the team “This needs to be done because we are approaching deadline. Please somebody take it up”. That’s it’s and he is getting paid 400k for that statement.

2. Why the f they start all the Peak readiness activities just around the corner and then expect SDEs to work over time and deliver to these shittiest leadership.

3. Everyone one boast about quality, delivery, these shit principles yet when you see the code base, it’s trash. E.g. Tier 1 service code written by SDE3. Now guess we don’t have logs for quite a few code paths and one time some api broke, an sde 2 added following comments in ticket “Here’s CR for adding logs. Will debug once the code is in prod”. I literally laughed in the ops review.

4. They literally torture new College hires. I have joined as new grad and I somehow survived till now. I have seen manager expect so much from 6 months hire that’s it breaks them. And then manager in 1:1 is like “I don’t want you to work more than 8hrs and on weekends”. And next day here is the high priority task we need to complete in 2 days and your 8hrs is out of the window.😂

5. How can I forget. All famous Ops review. Here is general definition: A standard meeting organized to create action items to improve service which are never taken up. My manager question about customer impact so much in ops review, (which I agree) and then forgets all the decisions, impacts and actions items next day, like the service never had sev 2 in lifetime. Rinse & Repeat next week.

6. Ohh well, the 🥜 💰.

PS: I m not generalizing anything about developers, managers etc but this is what I have experienced.

Edit 2: I see many people saying that I should balance things out and deliver and as long as I meet deadlines I should be fine in Amazon. Here’s my point of view, how do you think I survived 2 years here. Balance things and deliver results should only apply when you are working a decent amount of time in week. Yes, I can work for 15hrs a day and beats the performance of every Sde2 engineer in my team (I am confident) but then what’s the point having no fun in life and no hobbies you enjoy and look like shit in front of mirror. I don’t want to only grow my professional career. Balancing Things at amazon = Get shit done outside office hours.

Edit 3: Many people are asking why I m not changing teams or companies. Yes, I did thought about changing teams but then your promo gets delayed, currently I m doing good according to my manager and will be promoted in Q3. But to be true, I have decided that I will leave Amazon in next 6-7 months, since I know even SDE2 wlb is not good and this covid has taken some toll on me (I guess everyone)
Still figuring how to find time to leetcode when working 12hrs a day and keep my sanity. Lot of goals to achieve (both professionally and physically).
Stay Safe.
TC. 180k


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